College of the Desert

Measure B Bond

Program Documents & District Standards

Performance Targets for an Integrated Design Campus Plan

Performance Targets for an Integrated Design Campus Plan, July 2010 (PDF, 1.1MB)

District Standards

Campus Standards Handbook, October, 2005 (33Mb) PDF

LEED Standards

Furniture Standards

Technology Standards

Building Engineering Systems Design Standards

Door Hardware Standards

Educational Master Plan

Educational Master Plan, February, 2003 (714Kb) PDF

The Educational Master Plan for College of the Desert (COD) is the result of a year-long effort with an emphasis on learners – students, college staff, and members of the Valley community. Enrollment at COD will at least double over the next two decades. There is a need to prepare students for further education, work, citizenship and community through learning-centered programs and services, and to provide access to quality education for the diverse residents, and promote civil, prosperous, and stimulating quality of life in the Valley. The expansion will have classrooms in various locations, additional staff to teach classes in new locations and internet classes for ease of use by students who cannot commute.

Environmental Impact Report

Environmental Impact Report - Text Only (11.8Mb) PDF

Environmental Impact Report - With Appendices (32.3Mb) PDF

The Environmental Impact report analyzes the potential environmental impacts associated with the implementation of the Facilities Master Plan and provides mitigation measures that will ensure that all impacts are reduced to less than significant levels.

Facilites Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan, November, 2003 (35Kb) PDF

This Facilities Plan helps College of the Desert (COD) implement its Educational Master Plan, improving COD’s market penetration and instructional quality by:

  1. Renovating and expanding the Palm Desert Campus
  2. Acquiring and developing a new Eastern Valley Center
  3. Operating a Western Valley Center
  4. Expanding online instruction and use of other Coachella Valley sites - nearly doubling the college's enrollment by 2015

COD enrollments have continued their rise in Fall 2003 – despite course and support cutbacks largely because of the intense demand in the Coachella Valley.

ADA Transition Plan Update

ADA Transition Plan Update, October, 2005 (1.16Mb) PDF

Current Identity Book

Current Identity Book (10.97 MB) PDF

Environmental Graphics Book

Environmental Graphics Book (18.04 MB) PDF

Landscape Master Plan and Guidelines

Landscape Master Plan and Guidelines (77.68 MB) PDF

Building Information Modeling Guidelines

Building Information Modeling Guidelines (1.2 MB) PDF

COD Fire Access Map

COD Fire Access Map 04-29-15.pdf